Extended Car Parking at Ball Lane

Extended car parking facilities!

As those of you who have already visited Ball Lane this season will have seen, over the summer, and with invaluable contributions from both Ashford Borough Council and Kennington Juniors FC, we have extended the hard car parking facilities. The previously grass area between the existing car park and the astro pitch has now been levelled and converted to the same tough surface as the rest of the original car park.

This extra space means we can accommodate more vehicles on site at once, meaning a much lower chance of vehicles having to park on Ball Lane itself, even during busy periods…… BUT……

Parking etiquette!

The AHC Committee would like to ask for your help when parking at the Club. Please can we ask that you park “sensibly” – in double rows facing the astro pitch, unless around the perimeter of the original car park. This will allow us to maximise the number of vehicles on site, as well as negate the chance of vehicles being blocked in – as has happened already this season, unfortunately.

We have a fantastic facility at Ball Lane – let’s use it together as one big, happy family!

Please can we ask you to pass this message on to all your friends and family who may act as taxi, visitors, spectator or in any other role – thank you!

Thank you all for your cooperation – and have a fantastic season in whatever role that may be for you and your families!

Warmest regards,

The AHC Committee