Vote for Ashford Hockey Club at Tesco Stores

Calling all members, supporters, parents, schools and those Tesco lovers….. WE NEED YOU!

On Tuesday 1st May 2018 to Saturday 30th June 2018 across 5 Tesco stores in Ashford and Dymchurch, Ashford Hockey Club will be available to vote for as part of the “Tesco Bags of Help”.

What do I need to do?

When you visit Tesco for the weekly shop or just your daily lunchtime drop, be sure to pick up your blue token which you will receive as part of your transaction.

Then, as you leave the store with your shop, deposit the token into Ashford Hockey Clubs “Bags of Help” slot which will appear near the front of the store.

If you don’t receive your blue token on completing the transaction or are unable to see where you deposit, then be sure to ask a member of Tesco Staff.

Which Tesco Stores do I need to shop in?

Our deposit slots will be across the 4 stores in Ashford and 1 store in Dymchurch

  • Ashford Crooksfoot Extra TN24 0YE
  • Ashford Park Farm Extra TN23 3LU
  • Ashford High Street Express TN24 8SW
  • Ashford Mace Lane Express TN24 8DN
  • Dymchurch Express TN29 0NG

Spread the word!

The more tokens we receive, the more money we will receive as a club so we need your support. Please ask all your family and friends to deposit their tokens for us.